Arthan is hiring for Program Implementation Manager (Bengaluru)



  1. Manage the program implementation portfolio of the organization’s partner districts. Understand the theory of change of the organization and conduct the program implementation in partnering districts.
  2. Oversee the program implementation team in the organization’s partnering districts and ensure that organizations’ programs are driven towards their best outcomes.
  3. The PI manager will be responsible for thorough planning, implementation, reporting, monitoring, and evaluation of the outcomes of all programs of the organization.
  4. The PI manager will also be responsible for developing the budgets for program implementation in each program location and overseeing an effective utilization of the allocated budgets towards producing outcomes and impact in the government schools.
  5. PI manager will effectively be the face of the organization with all the government stakeholders, community leaders, donors, etc., and will have the ownership to represent the best interests of the organization’s programs at all times.
  6. Be a leader on the ground to identify and solve the challenges faced by the team in their day-to-day operations
  7. Act as the key contact point between the organization and its various stakeholders in the education department, administration, and the community
  8. Act as a government relationship manager by effectively coordinating between various stakeholders within the state and district level government administration and the team
  9. Be a thought leader and create key partnerships between the communities, schools, and partner organizations to ensure an all-round development of organizations programs
  10. Build and maintain excellent relations with government teachers, HMs, cluster, block, and district-level officers, and all other key stakeholders in the districts where the organization’s programs are being implemented.
  11. Conduct weekly meetings with all the staff and prepare weekly / monthly reports to monitor the health of program implementation
  12. Resolve any pertinent issues arising in the field through proper coordination between the organization’s management and all external stakeholders
  13. Job needs extensive travel for facilitation and monitoring to the government schools in the organization’s area of operation.

Travel: This is a field position and will require significant travel requirements.

Skills Required

  1. Strong working knowledge of government school context or Government Administration in Education.
  2. Should have the ability to effectively, communicate program plans, proposals, and results, and negotiate options with the education department officials for program plan approvals.
  3. Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills in both English and Kannada.
  4. Must have a proven ability to manage field programs that are spread across various locations.
  5. Must have the ability to make a pitch about the programs to the donors, facilitate their field visits to explain the organization’s programs, and nudge the discussions toward fruitful outcomes.
  6. Must have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
  7. Must have proven experience working with both state-level and district-level administration in the education department to implement systemic solutions.
  8. Ability to lead the team by example.


Interested candidates can apply on LinkedIn.